Harrisburg – The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is today calling on Attorney General Josh Shapiro to take responsibility for his office’s failure to ensure Secretary Boockvar advertised a constitutional amendment that would have created a path to justice for thousands of childhood sexual abuse survivors.

Boockvar has rightly resigned after forgetting to advertise the amendment as required by law, but Josh Shapiro is as much to blame. Ultimately, it is the Attorney General’s job to make sure the legal requirements for constitutional amendments are met.

The amendment, first passed by the legislature in 2019, would have created a two-year litigation window giving survivors of childhood sexual abuse means to seek justice despite previous age-related statutes of limitation. Had either the Secretary or the Attorney General remembered the amendment, the measure would have been on the ballot this year.

It’s shocking and inconceivable that any elected official, let alone two, could forget something of such exceptional magnitude. It’s especially troubling to think that Boockvar and Shapiro were absorbed in partisan governance during the 2020 Presidential Election, when they should have been remembering this amendment and the people whose pain and suffering it was meant to help alleviate.
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