Harrisburg, PA –– The Republican Party of Pennsylvania today announced it will fight against a lawsuit filed by Democrats who seek to take authority for redrawing congressional map lines (congressional redistricting) away from the State Legislature.  

“When it comes to redrawing congressional map lines, the Pennsylvania Constitution distinctly assigns oversight and authority to the State Legislature,” said PAGOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas. “Democrats’ latest attempt to undermine our Legislature is a blatant assault on our people, our process and our Constitution.”

The Democrats’ lawsuit, which was filed in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, will undoubtedly renew controversy and resentment over the 2018 congressional redistricting, during which Governor Tom Wolf and the Democrat-led State Supreme Court unilaterally claimed and exercised redistricting authority constitutionally assigned to the State Legislature. The Court produced new congressional maps many believed were favorable to Democrats — a move Tabas says they had no right to make:

“Democrats have repeatedly exercised power that isn’t theirs. We represent three million Pennsylvania Republicans who are not going to be intimidated or bullied. We will fight to make sure congressional maps are not improperly seized again by the Governor and the State Supreme Court.”

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