PAGOP Chairman: Wolf’s Executive Order is Unconstitutional

PAGOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas issued the following statement following Governor Wolf’s unconstitutional change to the Election Tomorrow. 

“The health and safety of all Pennsylvanians is our paramount priority, but Governor Wolf does not have the authority to unilaterally alter the terms of an election. The U.S. and Pennsylvania Constitutions clearly give the Legislature the sole authority for the conduct and timelines of an election.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently affirmed that this authority lies solely with the State Legislature.  Furthermore, the Governor’s move to change the terms of the election for just six counties violates the U.S. Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution, which requires that all laws governing an election must be uniform throughout the state.  Once again, the Governor has acted on his own without consulting the Legislature, even though he fully knows that it is the Legislature that has sole authority to act. We call upon the Governor to immediately withdraw this invalid order and consult with the Legislature.”