PAGOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas Offers Thanks to Speaker Turzai


Harrisburg – “I would like to thank my friend Speaker Turzai for his many years of dutiful service to the 28th House District and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Lawrence Tabas, Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.  “His five plus years as Speaker have been some of the most productive the Pennsylvania Legislature has seen.”

“The body of work in Speaker Turzai’s career could fill pages,” added Tabas.  “Perhaps by some he may be remembered for advancing legislation that modernized our Liquor Laws.  Others may remember his work on pension reform. Still others may recall his tireless work on Education reform.  In the final months in his time as Speaker, he led the fight against Governor Wolf’s overreach in closing the state’s economy because of COVID-19.  Nearly every action Governor Wolf made to ease restrictions was after Speaker Turzai pushed legislation to that end.  The entire Commonwealth owes him a debt of gratitude for his tireless work to reopen Pennsylvania.  But what I will remember most about his work, is his dedication to his colleagues.  Speaker Turzai’s impact on the Republican Party and the PA House of Representatives will be felt for years to come in young members he has mentored and helped win elections.”

“I wish Speaker Turzai the best in future endeavors, and look forward to many more years of friendship,” concluded Tabas.