PAGOP Statement on Wolf Campaigning for Joe Biden during COVID-19 Crisis

PAGOP Executive Director Vonne Andring issued the following statement on Governor Wolf taking time away from the COVID-19 State of Emergency and State Budget negotiations to campaign for Joe Biden:

“The PAGOP hopes that Governor Wolf will confess to VP Joe Biden that nearly 80% of COVID-related deaths occurred in senior care facilities, but that he is wiping out Pennsylvania’s economy just the same. We hope he’ll confess that these deaths occurred because he and Health Secretary Levine forced senior care facilities to accept COVID-infected patients — and that Dr. Levine secretly moved her own mother out of the death traps she created for other peoples’ loved ones. We wonder if they’ll share a good laugh about Governor Wolf’s secretive waiver process, which allowed select businesses to open but forced others to close, without rhyme or reason.  We hope the Governor brags to the VP about his “one-size-fits all” shut down of our economy, which turned a budget surplus into a $5 billion budget deficit. For all of this, we hope VP Biden applauds the Governor, so that average Pennsylvanians may understand what’s to come for Pennsylvania under a Biden/Wolf/Levine regime.”

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