Republican Party of Pennsylvania submits Right to Know request to find out how much taxpayer money is being spent on Eugene DePasquale’s next campaign

Tuesday, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania submitted a Right to Know request to the Department of Auditor General for seeking information related to costs associated with press events surrounding the release of audits, reports, and other press events held by the Department of Auditor General.

Requested information includes the timeframe from the date of Auditor General DePasquale’s swearing-in until the date of the request.

Information sought includes, but is not limited to: costs of rented space, cost of staff dedicated to conducting press events, reimbursement of staff expenses in relation to press events, costs related to equipment rented or purchased for press events, travel costs, costs related to the hiring of in-house and/or outside media production organizations, and costs related to the production and use of visual or explanatory materials.

With media coverage of these press events making their way on to Eugene DePasquale’s personal campaign website and social media accounts, the public has the right to know how much of their money is being used to fund DePasquale’s next political move. 

In response to the announcement, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“Eugene DePasquale might think of himself as the state’s fiscal watchdog, but he does not seem to think twice about using taxpayer dollars as a means to boost his personal political profile in advance of his next campaign.

“As the days he has left in office decrease, it seems as though the number of press conferences and press events held by the Auditor General increase, with positive coverage of those events then put on Eugene DePasquale’s campaign website and social media channels.

“If these press events are not a precursor to an anticipated run for higher office, then we call on Eugene DePasquale to publicly state he does not plan to do so in 2020 or beyond.

“By submitting this request under Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law, we hope to bring Pennsylvania taxpayers some clarity as to how much of their hard-earned dollars are going to boost the Auditor General’s run for his next political office.”