With positive revenue numbers, Republican Party of Pennsylvania encourages continued Republican-led fiscal prudence

Wednesday, Republican leaders from the Pennsylvania General Assembly touted incredibly positive revenue numbers achieved by Republican-led fiscal prudence despite Gov. Tom Wolf’s continued quest for tax and spend policies.

In response to the announcement, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“The positive revenue numbers being recognized today are a result of Republican leadership on fiscal matters, and we thank legislative Republicans for standing up for taxpayers and resisting Tom Wolf’s insatiable appetite for tax and spend policies and increased regulation that would cripple Pennsylvania’s growth industries. 

“As lawmakers work on the coming year’s budget and look ahead to out-year projections, I encourage them to continue down the path of fiscal prudence, keeping taxes low, and working to reform our government and regulatory structure in a way that ensures Pennsylvania’s financial security and economic competitiveness.”