Pennsylvania Republicans, union shop owner call out Joe Biden’s record as he makes Pittsburgh campaign stop

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, State Rep. Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne), and union shop owner Jim Gaffney of Goshen Mechanical Contractors held a press conference call Monday morning to discuss how former Vice-President Joe Biden’s record and a return to the failed Obama-Biden years would be bad for Pennsylvania and bad for the country.

“As Joe Biden kicks off his candidacy for President of the United States, he does so as the last remnant of a failed administration,” said Chairman DiGiorgio.

“On top of foreign policy blunders like the terrible Iran Nuclear Deal, for eight years Joe Biden was part of a team that turned its back on everything that has this economy booming under Donald Trump.”

Rep. Toohil, who represents a district in the backyard of Joe Biden’s birthplace of Scranton in Northeastern Pennsylvania, noted Biden’s record has left Northeastern Pennsylvania behind.

“Blue-collar areas like northeastern Pennsylvania were devastated by the failure of the Obama-Biden administration to meaningfully pull this country out of the recession,” she said.

“Wages were stagnant, manufacturing industries were destroyed, and our people were left behind. This is one of the main reasons why my county of Luzerne went for Donald Trump in huge numbers in 2016.”

Gaffney noted the last thing needed by the construction and manufacturing industries—along with the unions companies like his work with—is a return to the Obama-Biden years.

“I can say that right now, times are better for the labor unions I contract with than they ever were under the failed Obama-Biden recovery,” he said.

“Whether it’s working with steamfitters or plumbers and pipe-fitters, I know the unions I hire to do work on my jobs want to work. Right now, the jobs climate in this country is better than it ever was under the leadership of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.”