ICYMI: PoliticsPA: PAGOP Endorses Christylee Peck, Megan King For Superior Court

This past Saturday, the State Committee of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania held its annual 2019 Winter Meeting in Hershey where, among other things, the Party endorsed two highly-qualified female candidates for Superior Court: Judge Christylee Peck and Chester County Assistant District Attorney Megan King.

As covered in Pennsylvania political news website PoliticsPA, here are some highlights from Saturday’s meeting.


“[T]he GOP came together to endorse two Superior Court candidates and voice their dedication to party unity moving into 2020.

Out of the three candidates seeking the state endorsement, the party recommended Cumberland County Judge Christylee Peck and prosecutor Megan King on the first ballot. Peck was the highest vote getter capturing 261 votes, while King tallied 223 votes.  

Peck discussed working harder than she ever has before to capture a spot on the Superior Court, while detailing the importance of electing Republicans to the court and not taking these races for granted.

‘This race as we’ve been hearing about a lot today, it’s not about me, it’s not about any of the other candidates,” Peck said. ‘Everybody that’s sitting in this room today is here because you care about our country.’

‘Even if we don’t pay attention to it, we see what happens when we don’t pay attention to races for judges,’ she said.

King, who has served in the Chester and Lancaster County District Attorney’s office, was a later entry into the race. She expressed how she was overwhelmed with the support she received and the need for constitutional conservatives on Pennsylvania’s court.

‘I want to thank the Republican party for continuing to elect constitutional conservative judges,’ King said. ‘This is a critical time for our courts and our country and we can do this. The time for judicial activism has to stop here and now and it starts with you. I’m a constitutional conservative that will not legislate from the bench.’”


Val DiGiorgio, Pa. Republican Party Chairman, delivered a passionate 15 minute address before the voting began about the need for party unity and placing the Democrats and the media as their opponents in their path.

“‘I’ve often said that we cannot have an honest debate with the left in this nation until they admit that they don’t like the principles upon which this country was founded,’ he said.

The loudest applause during his address was when he referenced the recent story that went viral between students from Covington Catholic High School and a Native American man at a pro-life rally as an example of how Republicans are at odds with not only Democrats, but the mainstream media.

‘We must never forget that the mainstream media is always looking for a way to put us down, to change the narrative of our president, and to push the national talking points of the Democrat party,’ DiGiorgio said. ‘But we must show them that we will not be intimidated and we will not be silenced as the left and their friends in the media try to bully us into submission.’”

The story can be read in full HERE.