The Party of Lincoln vs. The Party of Lenin: PA GOP Chairman’s Update – February 3, 2019

Dear supporters, friends, and those interested in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania:

Our 2019 Winter Meeting was the highlight of this week and I’m happy to report that we had an incredibly successful event.

On Friday, our committee was able to attend breakout sessions where they heard updates from the President’s re-election campaign, but also learn skills in utilizing micro-targeted voter data, digital fundraising, and campaign compliance.

We were also thrilled to have U.S. Senator Pat Toomey keynote our Lincoln Day Dinner on Friday night.

At our General Meeting on Saturday, I told our committee about the stark contrast between our Party and the Democrat Party.

As I said this weekend: We are truly facing a critical juncture in our country’s political history and we need to make sure people know the clear choice is between the Party of Lincoln or the Party of Lenin.

We also had the opportunity at the meeting to support our three appellate court judges running for retention and endorse two candidates for open Superior Court seats.

While we had three great candidates for two spots, I am happy to announce we endorsed Cumberland County Judge Christylee Peck and proven prosecutor from Chester County Megan King to be our candidates in the Superior Court election.

As 2019 moves forward, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania will be united behind both of these endorsed candidates and putting every effort forward to ensure they are successful.

I ask all voters who care about the integrity of our courts and not having judges who make law from the bench to support these two outstanding candidates.

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Val DiGiorgio


Republican Party of Pennsylvania