PA GOP Statement on Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2019 Budget Address

Tuesday, Gov. Tom Wolf delivered his 2019 budget address. 

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“Though he is not calling for the massive broad-based tax increases he proposed in his first term, Gov. Wolf’s budget and legislative asks outlined today still show many of his expectations are not aligned with reality.

“Whether it’s calling for an irresponsible borrow and tax plan that holds Pennsylvania’s energy industry hostage to putting more government mandates on small businesses while our economy is booming, Pennsylvanians should be wary of a total buy-in to the Governor’s plan.

“Thankfully, pro-growth, pro-jobs Republicans still hold the majority in both chambers of the General Assembly and they will—as they did over the last four years—continue to stand up for the interests of taxpayers, job-creators, and students in Pennsylvania.”