Over a year in office, Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner has shown “a truly progressive prosecutor’s office” is a disaster

Though he celebrated a full year in office last week, recent news reports and op-Eds have shown that Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s quest for “a truly progressive prosecutor’s office” does more harm than good for the office’s reputation.

Whether it’s being chided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for trying to advocate on behalf of defendants in a way that “has no support in the law,” being criticized by former staff for gutting critical departments like the Philadelphia District Attorney Office’s homicide unit, and being at odds with the area’s top federal prosecutor for failing to crack down on human trafficking and advocating more for defendants than victims, Krasner’s first year in office has been nothing short of a total disaster.

 In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement: 

“While Larry Krasner has sought to implement a radical liberal agenda through the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and gutted some of the most important crime-fighting tools in the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia’s murder rate has hit an eleven year high and the District Attorney’s Office has lost credibility with judges and other area prosecutors.

“Having a District Attorney that is more interested in catering to the political ideologies of the left than being strong and smart on crime does a disservice to the people of Philadelphia who seek safety and security and marginalizes crime victims who seek justice for wrongs done to them.”