Congressman Conor Lamb sides with Nancy Pelosi, denies facts about problems at southern border

On a radio appearance on 1020 AM KDKA Monday morning, Congressman Conor Lamb sided with Nancy Pelosi and the liberal flank of the Democratic Party in denying a security problem at the southern border exists.

Despite recent facts by the Department of Homeland Security that last year there was a dramatic increase in illegal drugs crossing the southern border and border officials apprehended 17,000 people with criminal records at the southern border, Congressman Lamb still thinks the problem lies elsewhere.

Here is what Congressman Lamb said on this morning’s radio appearance:

Immigration and border security are tough issues. When you hear about people who are arrested coming into this country who have terrorist connections, for example, it’s almost always at airports. The drugs that come into this country that are killing people—heroin, Fentanyl, that kind of thing—almost all of it comes through the US mail or through the airports. So, the wall is just one small piece of a larger puzzle.

Congressman Lamb also said—despite the facts—that funding border security is not “one of the most important places” to spend federal money. 

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement: 

“By siding with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the liberal flank of the Democratic Party on border security, Congressman Lamb is not only denying the facts about what is happening at our border, but is once again denying Western Pennsylvanians the independent voice they hoped for when they elected him to office.

“Congressman Lamb should look at the facts and realize providing Americans and Pennsylvanians with a strong southern border is in everyone’s security interests.”