Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Comments on President Trump’s Address on the Need for Border Security

Tuesday night, President Donald Trump addressed the nation on the need for true border security along our southern border.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement: 

“With rampant drug and human trafficking along with thousands of criminals seeking entry into the United States at our southern border, providing true border security is an essential element for the well-being and safety of Americans.

“While we want to encourage legal immigration to our great country, a comprehensive solution is needed to end the plethora of ills stemming from our porous southern border. Lawmakers cannot afford to do nothing on this issue at this critical juncture.

“Throughout this process, Democrats have once again resorted to obstruction, obstinance, and open borders instead of working with the President to achieve a solution that prioritizes the security of all Americans while remaining true to our principles.

“Democrats have shown they hate Donald Trump more than they love America.

“Democrats should come to the table, understand the nature of the crisis we face as a nation, fund the government, and provide for the most robust border security possible.”