George Scott is a far-left Washington, D.C. insider; hires staff that received DNC convention bonus payments

PA-10 Democrat nominee George Scott has surrounded himself with far-left Washington insiders that took bonuses out of the 2016 Democratic National Committee’s Convention in Philadelphia that were paid out of surplus dollars.

The paying of those bonuses was widely panned by Pennsylvania Democrats since the money was not returned to the Commonwealth, despite taxpayers providing a $10 million grant for the convention.

In total, George Scott for Congress campaign manager Jason O’Malley—who is a longtime liberal insider that has raised money for both the DCCC and the DNC—received a $220,000 bonus from the Philadelphia Host Committee. Even Gov. Tom Wolf said the money should have been returned to taxpayers.

Thus far, George Scott has been silent about the bonus payments received by O’Malley.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“By hiring a campaign manager with such a deep history working for the liberal establishment, George Scott cannot run away from his desire to be a Washington insider that will vote in lock step with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

“Even more disturbingly, George Scott has yet to comment or call for a return of the $220,000 in bonus money O’Malley received from the DNC convention in Philadelphia, which many other Democrats called for to be returned to the taxpayers.

“George Scott is obviously more concerned about the size of the bank accounts of his campaign staffers than he is of the taxpayers.”