George Scott can’t hide his hypocrisy

PA-10 Democrat Congressional nominee George Scott can’t hide his hypocrisy.

Despite his best attempts to delete an absurd political ad, the hypocrisy in that ad and his campaign continues to be rampant.

For instance, in the ad, George Scott accuses Scott Perry of being one of “Donald Trump’s loyal  soldiers…that exploit God and guns to score political points.” However, the same ad has George Scott burning a gun and appearing in religious clericals while touting his background as a pastor.

Unfortunately for George Scott, the hypocrisy does not end there.

While his campaign Twitter account says he wants to “restore integrity,” George Scott has hired as his campaign manager someone who received bonus money from a DNC slush fund that was full of hoarded taxpayer dollars that even Gov. Tom Wolf said should have been returned to Pennsylvanians.

In addition, George Scott tries to tell voters that he thinks new leadership is needed in the Democrat Party, but hires one of the establishment’s top fundraisers to run his campaign.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“George Scott is so caught up in his own spin that he doesn’t realize the the voters of Central Pennsylvania can see right through his hypocrisy to know that he stands for socialist concepts like nationalized, government-run health care and limiting Constitutional rights.

“By being so hypocritical, George Scott is showing he has no interest in living by the same rules as everyone else and would be a disaster for the people of Central Pennsylvania.”