Three takeaways from Friday’s PA-10 debate

Friday, PA-10 Congressional candidates, Republican Scott Perry and Democrat George Scott, debated in front of the Hill Society at the Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg.

During the debate, three policy points showed the difference between the two candidates and why Congressman Scott Perry is the best choice to represent the district:

Health care

George Scott supports a nationalized, government-run health care system that would cost households an average of $24,000 in year-over-year tax increases.

At Friday’s debate, George Scott once again on record supporting a Medicare-for-All health care model that would create a nationalized, government-run health care system, saying:

“I’ve had a lot of discussions during the primary on Medicare-for-all with my opponents, all of whom advocated for it. What I told them was ‘I think it’s a great idea in principle’.”

This is on message with what George Scott has said in the past on the need for a nationalized, government-run system of health care. In May, he told NPR affiliate WITF:

“In the long run, I think the end-state Is to move toward something that looks like a single-payer plan.”

Scott Perry has voted to protect people with preexisting conditions and supports affordable and accessible health care.

Scott Perry at Friday’s debate reaffirmed his commitment to protecting those with preexisting conditions. Congressman Perry voted to continue protecting those with preexisting conditions by supporting the AHCA.

“There are things like preexisting conditions and, in the past, organizations were able to take advantage to things and make a commitment to make sure that’s no longer the case and I’ve voted as such.”

Congressman Perry remains committed to working toward affordable and accessible health care, saying at Friday’s debate:

“Not only do we want it to be accessible, but we want it to be affordable.”

Second Amendment

George Scott believes he can flip-flop his way out of burning a gun and being on record saying the Constitutional right to bear arms needs to be limited.

George Scott, in the same WITF interview, argued that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution needs to be “limited,” saying:

“So everyone understands that there needs to be some type of limitation on the right to bear arms.”

George Scott was even filmed in a campaign ad burning a rifle. A still image of that scene in the ad can be viewed HERE.

Scott Perry stands firm on his support for the Second Amendment while prioritizing school safety, based on the facts and local solutions.

“The question really is how do we keep our communities and our schools safe and the answers, generally, are locally: place-to-place, school-to-school, community-to-community.”

Nancy Pelosi

Despite being asked twice, George Scott did not say he would vote against Nancy Pelosi, merely saying he believes “we need new leadership.”

“I think we want to make sure that, whoever we vote for, brings integrity, service, and compassion for the job…I will look to vote for someone for that job who brings those qualities to bear.”

Scott Perry will not vote to support Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

I will not be voting for Ms. Pelosi. She’s a bit extreme for me and, that whole resist thing, I don’t think that’s helpful.”

In response to Friday’s PA-10 Congressional Debate, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“While George Scott and national Democrats think they can run the Conor Lamb playbook in central Pennsylvania, George Scott’s on-the-record positions are far too extremely liberal.

“George Scott has supported nationalized, government-run health care; limiting Constitutional rights; and has dodged questions about voting for Nancy Pelosi. He’s too extreme for the people of central Pennsylvania.”