PRESS RELEASE: Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry has helped consumers save; industry should be fostered, not hindered

According to a recent report from the Consumer Energy Alliance, Pennsylvania consumers saved over $30 billion between 2006 and 2016 due to lower natural gas costs as a result of increased energy production and new technology.

Of that $30 billion, residential customers saved over $13 billion.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry has provided obvious benefits and extensive savings to Pennsylvania consumers as a result of our unique position at the center of the national energy economy.

“In the years to come, Pennsylvania is currently placed to continue to capitalize on our home-grown resources to increase consumer savings, grow jobs, and keep up with the 21st century economy.

“As policymakers look forward to the future of the Pennsylvania natural gas industry—including the efficacy of a severance tax—I would encourage them to keep the industry-created benefits in mind and to work to ensure the natural gas industry is responsibly fostered, encouraged, and developed; rather than hampered and stifled.”