PA-01 Democrat nominee Scott Wallace has “significant holdings” in opioid manufacturing companies being sued by Bucks County

It was reported Thursday that PA-01 Democratic Congressional nominee Scott Wallace has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in opioid manufacturing companies being sued by Bucks County, which makes up the majority of his district.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, 170 people died from opioid overdoses in Bucks County in 2016. 230 people died from overdoses in Montgomery County, which makes up part of PA-01.

This isn’t the first time Scott Wallace has been wildly out of step with the district in which he’s running. In July, the non-partisan Cook Political Report called Wallace “a walking disaster” for doing things like:

  • Significantly investing in anti-Israel organizations
  • Donating to a radical population control organization that advocates for taxing people for “irresponsible breeding”
  • Donating to ACORN, a political activism group that has had members convicted of election fraud in Pennsylvania
  • Not voting in the district he seeks to represent since the 1970s…if at all
  • Donating heavily to former-President Barack Obama and then requesting an ambassadorship to South Africa, where he has lived for decades

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“The revelations of Scott Wallace’s ‘significant holdings’ in the same opioid manufacturing companies being sued by a large portion of the district he seeks to represent is the latest in a series of calamities for a candidate that can’t stop tripping himself up.

“Scott Wallace’s decades living out of the country and having little to do with the district he seeks to represent has resulted in him being so out of touch with the voters of Bucks and Montgomery Counties that he’s setting himself up to be as successful at trying to buy a Congressional seat as he was in trying to buy an ambassadorship.”