Wolf-Fetterman ticket continues to dodge Wagner-Bartos town hall events

While Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos have spent the past month on the road taking their message to the voters of Pennsylvania and holding town halls, Tom Wolf and John Fetterman have hid from the very people they seek to represent, instead choosing to campaign with avowed socialists like Bernie Sanders and special interest groups like the American Federation of Teachers.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman made the following statement:

“It’s sad that Tom Wolf and John Fetterman, who refuse to join Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos and have a robust debate in front of the voters who will be choosing between them, have Democratic Party and special interest operatives carry their water for them in a desperate attempt to muddy the waters at these town hall events.

“Instead of spending their time trying to trip people up through surreptitious means while turning down open invitations to attend these town hall events, maybe the Wolf-Fetterman team would be better served by talking directly to the very voters they hope to influence.”