PRESS RELEASE: Bob Casey’s obstruction on Judge Kavanaugh shows he’s out of touch with Pennsylvania

It’s been ten days since President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanuagh to be the next Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States and Sen. Bob Casey’s resistance-movement obstruction continues to backfire.

In an editorial in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Sen. Casey’s obstruction over Judge Kavanugh is lambasted:

“The politicization of Supreme Court nominees is so bad that Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey announced his opposition before President Trump announced the nominee because the nominee was coming off a list of 25 people, several of whom he had previously voted for.

“Given the Democrats’ appetite for spontaneous resistance these days, that line of reasoning may make Casey an ideal vice presidential choice for California Sen. Kamala Harris, who is coming here to raise money for his Senate re-election campaign.

“But Casey’s logic conveniently leaves aside the level of transparency President Trump is displaying with his Supreme Court nominees.”

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman made the following statement:

“Bob Casey’s continued obstruction of qualified nominees, especially Judge Kavanaugh, shows his values might be in line with the liberal-progressives of Hollywood, California, but are totally out of touch with the moderates of Hawley, Pennsylvania.

“The Senate is just ten days into the process of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation and the Democratic Party has shown its worst side as its members, including Bob Casey, continue to be corrupted by the fear of being flanked on their political left.”