PRESS RELEASE: Are Democratic Congressional candidates afraid to answer an accountability survey?

Wednesday marked a week since the Republican Party of Pennsylvania sent all 18 Pennsylvania Democratic Congressional candidates a three question accountability survey asking them whether or not they support Nancy Pelosi as the leader of their caucus, the agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America, and/or the statements by Maxine Waters that Trump administration officials should be harassed in public.

Either out of fear of having their positions known, or a desire to hide their true beliefs from Pennsylvania voters, so far there have been no replies to the survey.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman made the following statement:

“Pennsylvania voters have a right to know where their Democratic Congressional candidates stand on these issues in the current political zeitgeist.

“From PA-17 nominee Conor Lamb—who has voted with Nancy Pelosi nearly 90 percent of the time since getting to Washington—being praised by avowed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders this past weekend to PA-7 nominee Susan Wild—who has come out in support of sanctuary cities and been endorsed by the Bernie Sanders-Maxine Waters-led Capitol Progressive Caucus—Pennsylvania Democrats are more-and-more complicit in a radical agenda by their silence on these matters.

“Pennsylvania voters who respect taxpayer dollars, capitalism, and public service should take note of the continued deafening silence in relation to these issues on behalf of Democrats running for Congress in this state.”



For your information, a copy of the accountability survey is below: