PRESS RELEASE: Wolf-Fetterman ticket has time for negative press conference, but not town halls

Thursday, Pennsylvania Democratic Lt. Governor nominee John Fetterman will be holding a press conference to denounce Scott Wagner.

The irony here is self-evident: After turning down an invitation by the Wagner-Bartos campaign to engage in 67 town hall-style debates, the Wolf-Fetterman team seems to have found the time to hold a negative press conference in the same area as Scott Wagner’s first town hall.

If the Wolf-Fetterman ticket is eager for media attention, but not voter contact, one has to ask themselves: what are they afraid of?

In response to Fetterman’s press conference, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio made the following statement:

“From the Governor flip-flopping on whether or not to cut funding to over 300 Pennsylvania school districts to John Fetterman advocating for a radical socialist agenda that comes with at least a $20 billion price tag, it’s clear why the Wolf-Fetterman ticket wants to hide from the people of Pennsylvania and, instead, put up a negative smokescreen.

“Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos are taking their message and ideas right to the people and they are not afraid to answer their questions.

“As I have said before, Scott has a message that can appeal to all corners of Pennsylvania as well as the ideas and the willingness to reach a segment of voters at once courted by President Trump and also forgotten about by Republican candidates for decades.

“Today’s contrast in events is case-in-point that voters are choosing between a radical—and increasingly socialist—Democratic Party and a Republican Party that stands for the respect of the taxpayer, fiscal accountability, and respect of individual liberties.”