Tom Wolf Continues To Break His Campaign Promises

“Tom Wolf keeps breaking his campaign promises at the expense of Pennsylvania families. On the campaign trail, Tom Wolf to promised not to raise or expand the state sales tax, only to spend his first nine months in office calling for a 10% hike and new taxes on diapers, day care, and even nursing homes. Tom Wolf claimed a new severance tax would fund our schools, only to propose a tax aimed at funding special interests. As a candidate, Tom Wolf promised to cut taxes on the middle-class for the first time in two decades. As Governor, Tom Wolf has campaigned for raising taxes across all income brackets. If voters have learned anything in Tom Wolf’s first nine months in office, it’s that his campaign rhetoric doesn’t match his actions.” — PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney

Candidate Tom Wolf Promises Not to Raise the Sales Tax…

On the campaign trail, Tom Wolf spoke out strongly against an increase in the sales tax, saying that it falls “too heavily on lower-income consumers.” (“Tom Wolf says richer Pennsylvanians to pay more income taxes to lower property taxes,” Associated Press, 7/26/14)

“Tom Wolf has clarified that he opposes an increase to the state sales tax.” Editor’s note: Following is a new version of a story that was published in Friday’s News-Item. Tom Wolf has clarified that he opposes an increase to the state sales tax. (Borys Krawczenuik, “Wolf does not support increase of sales tax,” Scranton Times-Tribune, 3/28/2014)

Governor Tom Wolf Announces a Hike in the Sales Tax…

Now, Governor Tom Wolf has called for a 10 percent increase on the sales tax, and expanding it to include many goods and services used by working families all across Pennsylvania. (“Read the full text of Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address,”, 3/3/2015)

Candidate Tom Wolf Promises to Lower Taxes on the Middle Class

Wolf Spokesman: “Tom Wolf’s personal income tax proposal will provide middle class families their first personal income tax break in 22 years.” (Mark Nicastre, “Unlike Governor Corbett, Tom Wolf will fight to reduce taxes on working, middle-class families,”, 10/30/2014)

During the campaign, Wolf called for decreasing the tax burden of middle class Pennsylvanians through a universal exemption. (Eric Boehm, “The Tom Wolf income tax plan: What we know, and what we don’t,” PA Independent, 10/22/2014)

Rendell: Candidate Wolf’s “goal is not to raise taxes on everybody.” “Once he said it, he’s got to stand by it and explain what his goal is,” Mr. Rendell said. “And his goal is not to raise taxes on everybody. His goal is to reduce taxes on people in the middle class and lower middle class of the workforce, and raise taxes on the very rich. I think he’s got to explain that.” (David Boyer, “Tom Wolf poised to buck trend, unseat Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett,” The Washington Times, 10/6/2014)

Governor Tom Wolf Is Campaigning to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class…

Governor Wolf’s latest tax proposal will cost Pennsylvania families $1,000 a year. (“Analysis: Wolf’s Latest Tax Plan Costs Families $1,000,” Commonwealth Foundation, 10/1/2015)

Independent Fiscal Office: Wolf Budget Raises Taxes Across All Income Levels

The Independent Fiscal Office found that Governor Wolf’s budget would increase taxes across all income brackets. Despite his claim that increasing the income tax would give more money to middle class families, the IFO found that every Pennsylvanian can expect to pay more under Governor Wolf’s Plan. (Steve Esack, “Taxes would rise across all income levels under Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget, report says,” Allentown Morning Call, 4/25/2015), (“Analysis of Revenue Proposal: FY 2015-16 Executive Budget,” Independent Fiscal Office, 4/23/2015)