“Governor No” Strikes Again

HARRISBURG — Once again, Governor Tom Wolf has vetoed a Republican short-term budget plan which sought to provide emergency state funding to schools and social services throughout the Commonwealth, continuing the budget crisis he created.

The move comes nearly three months after Governor Tom Wolf decided to completely veto a budget that funded increased schools district funding and social services without his proposed income and sales tax hikes.

“It’s shameful to watch Governor Tom Wolf single-handedly withhold funding for our schools and social services so he can try and force tax increases,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason said. “For nearly three months now, school districts and non-profits organizations across Pennsylvania have been forced to wonder if they can pay their next set of bills, and all because Tom Wolf decided to play political games with their funding.

“While Republicans spent the summer trying again and again to provide critical to our schools and non-profits, Tom Wolf created a budget crisis based on a plan that was even rejected by members of his own Party.

“The fact of the matter is that Tom Wolf is campaigning for the largest tax increases in the country, and won’t accept anything less.

“I applaud Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, Speaker Mike Turzai, Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, House Majority Leader Dave Reed and Senate and House Republicans for their continued efforts to serve the people of Pennsylvania, and not liberal special interest groups.”