Tom Wolf’s Income Tax Hike Rejected By The State House

HARRISBURG — Following the defeat of Governor Tom Wolf’s latest proposal to raise taxes on Pennsylvania families, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement.

“Once again, the State House has rejected a series of tax hikes from Tom Wolf,” Gleason said. “For months, Governor Tom Wolf has supported the largest tax hike in the nation. For months, Republicans leaders told Tom Wolf that his tax hikes didn’t have the support of majorities in the State Senate and State House. Now, Tom Wolf’s refusal to recognize the reality of our budget situation has cost our schools and social services millions of dollars.

“It is time for Governor Wolf to start holding meaningful negotiations about the budget with the State Senate and State House.”

Governor Tom Wolf’s Latest Plan Raises Taxes on Pennsylvania Families…

“On net, this tax hike would cost taxpayers $744 more per year per family of four when fully implemented.” (Nathan Benefield, “Wolf Tax Hikes, Version 3.0,” Commonwealth Foundation, 10/6/2015)

“Wolf’s newest tax plan—calling for the highest-in-the-nation tax hike — demands a $2.4 billion tax increase when fully implemented, costing taxpayers nearly $750 per family of four.” (Matthew Brouillette, “Wolf Tax 3.0: No Relief, No ‘Fair Share,’ Just Higher Taxes,” Commonwealth Foundation, 10/6/2015)