HD-170: Republicans Officially Nominate White For Special Election

Politics PA
Nick Field

“Martina White is the type of person I will need to join me in the Majority Caucus in Harrisburg to advocate for Northeast Philadelphia,” stated Philly GOP Chairman and State Representative John Taylor. “It is rare to find a candidate that has the combination of tenacity, creativity and intellect that Martina possesses.”

“This race will be all about getting our people out to the polls,” said Philadelphia Republican Party Executive Director Joe DeFelice. “This seat was recently held by Republican George Kenney and new portions of this District were part of the former 169th District formerly held by fellow Republican and Former House Speaker and current City Councilman Denny O’Brien. Republicans routinely do well in this section of the City and are tired of the higher taxes and poor services they have received. Martina will not allow this section of the City to continue to be forgotten.”

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