Republicans Hold Press Conference In Southside Pittsburgh On The Obama-Wolf Agenda

PITTSBURGH — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason, 35th District State Senator Kim Ward, and Republican Committee of Allegheny County Chairman Jim Roddey held a press conference at the Southside Works Town Plaza today regarding Tom Wolf’s attempt at misdirecting voters away from his full support of President Obama’s agenda.

“Today, Tom Wolf will try to use President Bill Clinton to misdirect attention away from his full support of President Barack Obama’s agenda, including the War on Coal,” Gleason said. “Just like President Obama, Tom Wolf has decided to choose his liberal ideology over jobs. Tom Wolf wants to bring cap-and-trade to Pennsylvania which will put tens of thousands of coal jobs at risk.

“A vote for Tom Wolf is a vote to raise your own taxes,” State Senator Ward said. “Tom Wolf’s wants to raise the income tax rate on Pennsylvania families by 188%. Throughout the course of this campaign, Tom Wolf has been more focused on expanding the size of our government than providing detailed solutions to Pennsylvania’s toughest challenges. We simply cannot afford four years of Tom Wolf’s proposed tax hikes.

“There may not be a single issue on which Tom Wolf and Barack Obama disagree,” Chairman Roddey continued. “Both President Obama and Tom Wolf view drastically raising taxes on hardworking families as a first option instead of a last resort. From his support of Obamacare to his efforts to tax everything he can, Tom Wolf is proving to be just another liberal Obama politician.

“One visit from President Bill Clinton will not change the fact that Tom Wolf is a top supporter of the Obama agenda.”