Wolf Has A Pension Plan…For Stephen Stetler

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s efforts to help convicted felon Stephen Stetler receive a pension.

“Tom Wolf has spent more time working on getting a corrupt official his pension than developing his own plan to address Pennsylvania’s $47 billion pension crisis,” Sweeney said. “Governor Corbett helped to send corrupt official Stephen Stetler to prison, but Tom Wolf refuses to accept the sad truth about his good friend. Tom Wolf would rather work to overturn Stetler’s conviction so he could receive his pension than recognize the fault of his close friend.

“While Wolf is quick to talk about Stetler’s pensions, he refuses to acknowledge that Pennsylvania even has a pension crisis. Tom Wolf has spent his entire summer dodging questions about his lack of a pension plan. If Tom Wolf doesn’t recognize Pennsylvania’s $47 billion pension crisis, how can we trust him to address this important issue?”

During a May 1st Democratic gubernatorial debate, Tom Wolf stated:

“I grew up with him in York County and he was in fact accused and convicted of a crime when he was a state representative. And he is a friend of mine. I, along with 150 other people in York County, put together a legal defense fund for him and a number of us, including Governor Rendell, served as character witnesses at his trial. Steve Stetler is still a friend of mine, I think he was a good representative and the Steve Stetler I know is a good human being, so I did what I thought was right.” (“Democratic Gubernatorial Forum,” 5/1/2014)