Wolf Plays Politics With Schools

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s attempt to politicize Governor Corbett’s announcement of funding for Philadelphia schools.

“Today, Tom Wolf proved that he is just another politician,” Gleason said. “Tom Wolf has spent months lying about Governor Corbett’s record on state education spending, so it’s no surprise that he would not join with the governor to put the kids first. Instead Tom Wolf would rather use schools as pawns for his own political ambition. It is sad that Tom Wolf viewed an announcement about funding Philadelphia schools as a way to spread his negative campaign.

“Governor Tom Corbett has increased state education funding every year he has been in office. In fact, Tom Corbett has spent more money on education than any Governor in history. Tom Wolf has stood by and allowed his shadowy special interest groups to lie about state education funding.”