A Desperate Wolf Lashes Out

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s hypocrisy on openness and transparency.

“The more Tom Wolf freefalls in the polls, the more desperate he becomes,” Sweeney said. “Tom Wolf has spent weeks running away from questions about Pennsylvania’s growing pension crisis and has demonstrated a complete lack of leadership in the process. If there’s one thing voters have learned about Tom Wolf this summer, it’s his complete hypocrisy when it comes to openness and transparency.

“Where’s Tom Wolf’s pension plan? Where is his budget? Why did he choose to outsource jobs to other states? The media keeps asking questions, and Tom Wolf keeps refusing to provide the answers Pennsylvania voters deserve. Tom Wolf doesn’t want to address these questions, so he’s pretending important issues such as the state pension crisis don’t exist.

“Tom Wolf knows that he can’t answer the tough questions about the issues facing voters, so he’s trying to change the conversation with some weak-handed attempt to smear the Governor. While Tom Corbett put corrupt politicians in prison, Tom Wolf refuses to accept their guilt. Stephen Stetler has been tried and convicted of public corruption, but Tom Wolf refuses to believe his good friend would do such a thing.

“If Tom Wolf’s too stubborn to accept Stephen Stetler’s conviction for public corruption, how can we trust his judgment to lead?”

Both a CBS/ New York Times poll and Magellan Strategies/ Keystone Report poll have Governor Tom Corbett gaining significant ground in the race for Governor.