PA Democratic Party Rejects Tom Wolf Again

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding news that Tom Wolf’s pick for Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair, Katie McGinty, has chosen to withdraw her name from consideration.

“For the second time this year, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has flatly rejected Tom Wolf,” Sweeney said. “Tom Wolf is a typical politician who tried to force his choice for Democratic Party Chairman onto a Party that doesn’t trust his judgment. While Tom Wolf may be able to create a nice television ad, he’s shown a serious inability to energize his Party’s grassroots network.

“Tom Wolf openly rejected Jim Burn, and now the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has returned the favor. Just weeks after holding a tightly-controlled unity breakfast with Jim Burn, Tom Wolf tried to fire him from his job. The fact that Tom Wolf’s running mate, Mike Stack, wouldn’t even support his choice for Chair serves as further proof that the people who know Tom Wolf best still have plenty of questions about his decision-making.

“The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is in disarray, and Tom Wolf’s failure to lead is making their numerous problems even worse.”

Today, Tom Wolf’s handpicked candidate for Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair, Katie McGinty, officially withdrew her name from consideration. (Brad Bumsted, “Democrats find solution to squabble over control of state committee,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/19/2014)

At their Winter Meeting this February, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party openly refused to endorse Tom Wolf for Governor, giving more votes to rivals Rob McCord and Allyson Schwartz. (Rob Vickers, “Rob McCord stakes claim to Democratic gubernatorial nomination with strong, but indeterminate endorsement vote,” Harrisburg Patriot News, 2/8/2014)

Today, Tom Wolf running mate Mike Stack told a reporter that he would not endorse Katie McGinty for Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair. (Joe Shaheeli, “Leadership Fight Could Hurt Dems,” The Philadelphia Public Record, 6/19/2014)