Desperate For Attention, McCord Resorts To Personal Attacks

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Rob McCord’s comments after today’s Press Club luncheon in Harrisburg.

“Once again, Rob McCord proves that he will resort to anything just to gain some attention,” Sweeney said. “Rob McCord has already referred to Pennsylvanians who register Republican as being ‘dumb’ and ‘stupid,’ but today he proved that he’s ready to lower the bar of political discourse even further just to get some attention directed toward his failing campaign. Just after the four year anniversary of Obamacare, Rob McCord realizes that his support for this disastrous law makes him out-of-touch with Pennsylvania voters. His firm opposition to pension reform, support of job-killing taxes and overall frenzied behavior proves he is just not ready for primetime.

“It’s sad that Rob McCord feels that his only option of gaining media attention is not though ideas, but bully tactics.”

The short version is that he regrets using the word “dumb” when referring to some Republicans, but thinks that Corbett is kowtowing to the Tea Party “stupid” to embrace their policies. He also said that Corbett is under-studious when it comes to government and not very knowledgeable about the policies he needs to master to be governor. (DeCoursey, Peter. OFF THE FLOOR: McCord says ‘dumb Republicans’ a bad word choice. Then says what he meant. Capitolwire. September 26, 2013.)