Corbett Joins Opposition Against National Guard Cuts

Julian Routh

Potential budget cuts to the Army National Guard have received opposition from 50 governors across the country, including Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett…

Jay Pagni, press secretary for Corbett, said the cuts would “threaten” hundreds of thousands of guardsmen across the country by minimizing squadrons and regimens.

Corbett wants the U.S. Department of Defense to maintain the number of active guardsmen in Pennsylvania, according to Pagni.

“The wars overseas are over, but the National Guard plays a vital role in protecting the homeland,” Pagni said. “It is in that time of natural disaster, in that time of weather-related emergency, that we do rely on our national guardsmen.”

Pagni said the National Guard has risen to serve Pennsylvania several times, including in 2011 when Hurricane Sandy flooded parts of the state.

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