Democrats ‘Most Liberal’ 2014 Tour Stops In Pittsburgh

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement on today’s gubernatorial debate in Pittsburgh.

“The Democratic candidates are running on an extreme liberal agenda of more taxes, more spending, and more ObamaCare,” Gleason said. “For months, this lackluster group has spent their time pandering to the special interests of the radical left and trying to grab the title of the most liberal candidate in the race. Make no mistake about it: these liberal Democrat candidates are putting their extreme liberal agenda ahead of what’s best for Pennsylvania. As they rack up the miles, they rack up new taxes for runaway spending.

“Governor Tom Corbett has demonstrated the leadership we need at a time when we need it. Under his leadership, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is at its lowest point in five years. While the Democrats fight over who can impose the highest taxes on our energy, Governor Corbett is fighting to cultivate all of our Commonwealth’s energy resources.

“The Democrats will no doubt continue their race to the left as they put their liberal agenda ahead of Pennsylvania’s best interests.”