President Obama’s State Of The Union: More Of The Same

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding President Obama’s State of the Union address.

“President Barack Obama falsely believes that empty rhetoric will compensate for his years of failed leadership,” Gleason said. “President Barack Obama and the Democrats lied to Pennsylvanians when they said ‘if you like your health plan, you can keep it,’ and now the health care plans of 250,000 Pennsylvanians is in jeopardy. President Barack Obama’s liberal policies have only succeeded in raising taxes, killing jobs, and putting the health care of Pennsylvania families at risk.

“Tomorrow, President Obama will travel to Pittsburgh in yet another attempt to jumpstart his failing presidency. President Obama and the Democrats will try to sell us the same old liberal agenda using the same liberal talking points, but Pennsylvanians realize that real opportunities for families happen when we grow the economy and not the size of our government.

“President Barack Obama and the Democrats have left the American people holding the check for their out-of-touch policies, and no amount of liberal spin will change that fact.”