Toomey’s Pro-Active Stand On Spending

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal

In recent months, I have read various stories in the Lancaster newspapers with great interest pertaining to the state of our economy. I recognize that our economic issues are complex with many contributing factors, and we did not get into this position overnight. With recent issues such as the fiscal cliff debate, the role of the federal government and how it can impact our economy’s improvement has come into focus. I am encouraged to see the actions of fiscally responsible members of Congress like those of Sen. Pat Toomey.

Sen. Toomey, taking a proactive approach in providing guidance on fiscal issues, introduced a bipartisan amendment with Sen. Claire McCaskill called The Earmark Elimination Act. This amendment would have expanded the temporary moratorium on earmarks and made it permanent requiring that any piece of legislation introduced with earmarked spending that would need a two-thirds majority to override.

While earmarks are not the sole factor contributing to overspending, they have had a corrosive impact.

Unfortunately, the bill received strong opposition from congressional members reluctant to end the wasteful earmarking process. As fiscal policy is shaped in the coming months and years, Sen. Toomey will continue to be a strong conservative voice who is willing to work in a bipartisan manner in order to do what is right for Pennsylvania and for the entire country.

I support his continued leadership bringing transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility to the process.

Brandon Judy

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