Congressman Shuster: Government-Run Health Care Vote Will Be Answered In November Elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Representative Bill Shuster (PA-9), who represents Central and Western Pennsylvania in Congress, released the following statement on tonight’s government-run health care vote:

“Today, I joined my House Republican colleagues and a hand full of Democrats to vote NO on a government takeover of health care. One of the cornerstone principles of this nation is that we have a government by the consent of the governed. For over a year, the President and Congressional Democrats have pushed this health care plan over the vocal objections of the American people, my own constituents and House Republicans who have offered solutions only to be denied at every turn. Not only does this legislation include hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes, cuts to Medicare benefits for seniors and unprecedented government control, but it will also negatively impact small businesses that are already struggling through this tough economic climate.

“The American people, frustrated at being denied a fair hearing before the Democrat Congress, will have their voices heard in November. I believe their strong opposition to this health care power grab will result in a wave of voters who will usher in a shift in power in Congress. The people of Pennsylvania’s 12th district will have the opportunity to start this wave less than 60 days from now when they send Tim Burns to Congress to fight against the expansion of federal power at the expense of personal liberty.”