Democrats Engage In Full-Court Press To Make Government-Run Health Care ‘Law Of The Land’

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the Democrats’ final push to impose government-run health care onto the American people.

“The Democrats’ latest push to force government-run health care onto the American people is truly an exercise in ‘March Madness,’” Gleason said. “Despite hearing their constituents’ strong opposition to this awful plan for months, Democrats are nevertheless choosing to move ahead with a plan that will raises taxes, kill jobs and cut $170 billion from Medicare benefits, which will affect more than 813,000 Pennsylvania seniors who depend on the program.

“It’s certainly interesting to watch 12th Congressional District candidate Mark Critz continue to shy away from taking a position on the top domestic issue facing our nation today. How can Mark Critz expect the people of the 12th Congressional District to support his candidacy when he runs away at the first sign of a controversial issue? It’s simple, does he stand with liberal Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi or does he stand with the hardworking Pennsylvanians living in southwestern Pennsylvania?”

According to research prepared by The Heritage Foundation, the U.S. Senate health care plan being considered in the U.S. House this week will add nearly $1 billion in additional spending to Pennsylvania’s budget between fiscal year 2014 and fiscal year 2019. (Haislmaier, Edmund, “Expanding Medicaid: The Real Costs to the States,” The Heritage Foundation)