PAGOP Scrutinizes Dauphin County’s New Neighbor


Harrisburg — Less than a year since George Scott was defeated in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District, Scott has moved out of York County, into Dauphin County, and is now running for a seat in the 15th State Senatorial District. 

“Mr. Scott is woefully uninformed on the issues his new community cares about most, but perhaps we can forgive him since he just moved into the neighborhood,” said Charlie O’Neill, Deputy Executive Director of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.  “If Dauphin and Perry County voters saw Mr. Scott’s recent remarks in the Capitol Star they know he’s against them on bi-partisan property tax elimination and school vouchers that would allow students to escape Harrisburg’s failing schools. His refusal to support these measures, or to offer viable alternatives, tells us Mr. Scott hasn’t spent much time connecting with his new neighbors.” 

In a January 8 interview with the PA Capitol Star, Scott said that he wouldn’t support school vouchers, and says he “does disagree with DiSanto’s stance that the state should eliminate property taxes entirely.” (

Media Contact:  Charlie O’Neill ([email protected]