Does Conor Lamb stand with President Trump against radical Islamic terrorists? The people of Pennsylvania deserve to know


The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is calling on Conor Lamb to tell the people of Pennsylvania whether he stands with Colin Keapernick, Alexandra Ocasio Coretz, and the extreme left or with those in the fight against radical Islamic terrorists who support the killing of Qassem Soleimani.  

Since January 3rd, Conor Lamb has been silent about the demise of one of the world’s top terrorists.  Soleimani not only planned and executed an attack on a US Embassy in Iraq, but he was known to have introduced improvised explosive devices (IEDs) which took the lives of thousands — killing more than 600 U.S. troops or sending them home horribly injured, permanently disabled and disfigured. His death is a tremendous blow to those who wish to do harm to Americans. 

“Former marine Conor Lamb remains silent on Soleimani, but has found time to endorse Joe Biden for President,” stated Vonne Andring, Army 82nd Airborne combat veteran, and Senior Advisor to the PA GOP.  “Lamb has forgotten that “Semper Fi” means unending loyalty to his fellow marines — not to his far-left political allies. As a combat veteran, I know the merciless lust for American blood on which Soleimani and those like him feed. This man was evil and he received the justice he deserved. Why won’t Conor Lamb stand with his fellow Marines and President Trump against this evil?” 

As the 2020 Election comes into focus, voters deserve to have more information, not less on where their candidates stand on important issues.  Lamb’s silence leaves voters in the dark on where he stands, they deserve to know.  


Media Contact:  Charlie O’Neill ([email protected]