Attorney General Shapiro throws support behind failed District Attorney Larry Krasner

In a stunning turn of events, Attorney General Josh Shapiro bolted to his nonsensical left this week when he ran away from legislation recently passed by the General Assembly that would give his office concurrent jurisdiction in gun cases in Philadelphia.

The legislation, signed by Gov. Tom Wolf, came after weeks of reporting about how failed Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has been ineffective in curbing gun crimes in Philadelphia.

According to various media reports, Attorney General Shapiro’s office lobbied for the legislation, but now Shapiro is personally backing Krasner and running away from his office’s support for the legislation after he has been widely panned by Krasner—who has identified himself as “a defense attorney with power.”

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“Attorney General Josh Shapiro owns Larry Krasner’s disastrous policies that put criminals over victims, disrespect law enforcement, and make Pennsylvanians less safe.

“As Shapiro’s personal political ambitions continue to grow, he seems determined to leave common sense—and past and future crime victims—behind in order to score ideological points with the Democrat power base.”