Congressional candidate Eugene DePasquale continues to be a fraud

Making it official today what has been known for months, PA-10 Congressional candidate Eugene DePasquale continues to be a fraud, starting his first official day as a candidate for the United States House of Representatives lying to the voters to try and fool them into thinking he’s something he’s not.

In announcing his candidacy in PennLive this Sunday, DePasquale said he plans on seeking more than one term in Congress, if elected. That’s a flat-out lie given previous reporting.

According to reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, DePasquale has his sights set on higher office: namely Governor or U.S. Senator, both of which do not open up until 2022, which is not coterminous with the end of his term as Auditor General in 2020. 

From the Inquirer:

“I’ll be talking to people in the next couple of years about where my talents are needed,” he said, acknowledging that governor and U.S. Senate are potential races for him. “I’ve got a great job here. So I wouldn’t want, in a sense, to go backward. Both of those offices, I think there’s a lot you can do for the people of Pennsylvania.”

From the Post-Gazette:

[DePasquale] is weighing two options for his next act – governor or U.S. senator, whichever he ultimately determines will allow him to have the greatest impact on the issues he cares about including education, transportation, trade, worker rights, school safety and clean water.

Defrauding the voters is a pattern and practice for the current Auditor General, who holds himself out as the state’s independent fiscal watchdog. However, on his watch, “Jet-setting” Gene DePasquale has expensed the taxpayers for $80,000 in fancy dinners, intrastate air travel, and luxury accommodations in conjunction with press conferences which were aimed at boosting his personal political profile in advance of today’s announcement.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“Eugene DePasquale is a fraud. 

“DePasquale has such little respect for the voters of Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District that he’s already started off his Congressional campaign by lying to them about his future intentions.

“Egregiously, DePasquale has been a fraud and a failure as Auditor General, holding himself out as an independent fiscal watchdog, all the while jet-setting across Pennsylvania while expensing taxpayers for nearly $100,000 as he used his official office to boost his personal political profile in advance of this Congressional announcement.”