Out of state interests, liberal Democrats continue to hinder NEPA’s natural gas potential

Earlier this month, New York state regulators controlled by liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo denied a permit for a $1 billion natural gas pipeline that would have connected gas fields in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to New York.

This is the latest blow in a line of issues hampering the economic potential of natural gas growth in northeastern Pennsylvania, including the continued Delaware River Basin Commission moratorium on fracking, the continued potential for an outright ban on drilling in the river basin, and the New York ban on fracking that took effect in 2014. 

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“Despite historic economic achievements by President Donald Trump and Republicans lawmakers in Congress and in the General Assembly, Democrats are still hindering growth in areas like northeastern Pennsylvania, which has unrealized potential from the natural gas economy.

“The easier it is for Pennsylvania natural gas producers to get their product to market, the more gas they can produce, which means more jobs created, more investment in Pennsylvania, and the growth of downstream jobs.

“By denying this pipeline permit, out-of-state liberal interests are once again hindering the ability of Pennsylvania’s natural gas producers to fully realize their potential and do even more for Pennsylvania’s economy.”

In addition, State Representative Jonathan Fritz, made the following statement:

“The areas I represent in Northeastern Pennsylvania have been longing for the ability to use the resources under their feet to secure their collective futures, grow the economy, and make a better Pennsylvania. However, they have been continually hindered by liberal Governors like Andrew Cuomo and Tom Wolf, who keep standing in the way of our region’s potential.

“The denial of this pipeline by Gov. Cuomo’s administration is another dagger in the heart of those in northeastern Pennsylvania who are unable to use the land that they own for their own purposes and natural gas companies that could potentially expand into my district to create jobs, grow the economy, and add to Pennsylvania’s potential.”