Rep. Sims’ non-apology video is not enough

Responding to overwhelming negative criticism over videos he posted on social media exhibiting harassing, intimidating, and potentially criminal behavior aimed at women and teenagers peacefully exercising their First Amendment Rights, Rep. Brian Sims posted another video to his Twitter account Tuesday in what amounts to a non-apology.

The video, which is two minutes in length, has one minute and fifty seconds of Rep. Sims explaining why his conduct was justified and ten seconds of him saying he will “do better” in the future.

Nowhere in the video does Rep. Sims apologize for his conduct.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“Rep. Brian Sims has in no way apologized or taken meaningful responsibility for his despicable, outrageous, and potentially criminal conduct.

“Yesterday’s video, where Rep. Sims spent the bulk of the time arguing why he should not have to apologize, was a classic non-apology.

“Pennsylvanians deserve better coming from their elected officials. It’s time for Rep. Sims to start doing better by fully accepting responsibility for his despicable conduct and doing better by his actions now than in his illusory half-hearted promises.”