ICYMI: Kittanning Leader Times Profiles Republican Superior Court candidate Judge Christylee Peck

In case you missed it, the Kittanning Leader Times this weekend profiled Cumberland County Judge Christylee Peck, who is a Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Superior Court in the upcoming May 21st Primary.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

Peck then worked as a senior assistant district attorney for Cumberland County from 2005 until 2011, when she was elected to the Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas. “I really love my job. I love interacting with the citizens every day,” Peck said. “We have a really good team effort in Cumberland County.” Added Peck: “What I love about my job is trying to bring justice to a situation.”


Peck said when she first started working in Lancaster, she started handling different child abuse cases. She said her passion in her law career is trying to bring justice to child abuse victims, as well as helping children in a variety of different ways, such as matters of adoption, custody, and youth proceedings. She worked from being in the child abuse unit in Lancaster, to being the lead child abuse prosecutor in Cumberland throughout her career in the district attorney’s office. “That’s where my heart’s been. That’s what I love to do,” Peck said. “I love talking to kids.” 


Peck said she is running for Superior Court judge because she loves the citizens of the commonwealth, and wants to make sure the courts across the state are well-balanced, impartial, and non-political.

You can read the full story HERE (paywall).