PA GOP Chairman’s Update – March 10, 2019

Dear supporters, friends, and those interested in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania:

It was another great week for Republicans in Pennsylvania and I am thrilled by how our elected officials and candidates continue to make an impact and drive their individual and our collective messages.

As a corollary to that, I want to draw your attention to a great op-Ed written by Congressman John Joyce, a physician, who discussed the disaster of the Democrats’ proposed takeover of health care in Medicare-for-All.

Even more than criticizing the plan, Congressman Joyce offered pragmatic alternatives to lower the cost of health care and increase accessibility.

You can read that op-Ed HERE or by clicking on the image below.

Our endorsed team of Superior Court candidates continued their hard work, attending a petition party in Berks County this week.

I joined them in Allegheny County on Thursday where I was not only happy to support their candidacies, but also that of our great state Senate candidate Raja, and the entire Allegheny County Republican team.

Also, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to sign our petition calling on Democrats to condemn Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic comments. You can sign the petition by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Hatred and bigotry have no place in politics or government and the Democrat majority in the U.S. House of Representatives should condemn her by name and strip her of her committee spot on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Until my next update, feel free to keep up with the latest by checking out the PA GOP website at

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Val DiGiorgio


Republican Party of Pennsylvania