MEMO: Pennsylvania’s Congressional Democrats have horrible first six weeks in U.S. House of Representatives

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Congressional delegation has had a terrible first six weeks in helping Nancy Pelosi control the United States House of Representatives.

Instead of fulfilling campaign promises to work across the aisle, engage in bipartisanship, and move the country forward, Pennsylvania’s Congressional Democrats have continued the trend of Democrat-led obstruction, supporting radical proposals, and working against their constituents’ best interests.

Here’s a look at some of their most egregious offenses:

Refusal to work with Republicans to avoid a government shutdown

Pennsylvania’s Democrat Congressional delegation helped the Democrat majority in the US House of Representatives own the government shutdown.

Not only did eight out of the nine Pennsylvania Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives vote to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, but just three hours into being sworn-in to office, every single Pennsylvania Democrat voted to go home instead of staying in Washington until the shutdown was resolved.

On top of that, despite saying she was “pragmatic” and a “problem solver” before getting elected, freshman Pennsylvania Congressional Democrat Chrissy Houlahan was emblematic of her party’s refusal to negotiate with the President in good faith during the shutdown, stating that negotiating with him over border security was “like negotiating with a terrorist.”

Additionally, Congressman Matt Cartwright has gotten so caught up in the debate over border security that he was caught flip-flopping on the issue, which has led to ads being run in his district urging him to do what he said he would do during the campaign, and fund needed border security, including a physical barrier.

Failure to protect victims of sexual abuse

Pennsylvania’s Congressional Democrats had several chances over the last six weeks to stand up for victims of sexual abuse, but failed to do so.

When it came to H.R. 790, House Republicans moved to recommit the legislation so that a provision could be placed in the legislation that would prohibit federal employees who have been disciplined for sexual misconduct from receiving the 2.6 percent pay increase provided for in the bill.

However, seven of nine Pennsylvania Democrats joined together in successful opposition to the motion, including freshman Congresswoman Madeleine Dean. Also voting against the measure were Congressmen Matt Cartwright and Conor Lamb as well as Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon.

As recently as last week, all nine Pennsylvania Democrats—including Congresswoman Susan Wild and Congressmen Conor Lamb and Matt Cartwright—voted in opposition to a Republican effort in the “Veterans’ Access to Child Care Act” to protect children of veterans at child care centers from having to interact with employees that are charged with a sex crime, a crime involving a child, a violent crime, or a drug felony until such cases are resolved.

In speaking against the effort, Congressman Conor Lamb stated that not approving of the measure was part of “doing our job,” arguing the effort “is no reason to get in the way of this excellent bill.”

So-called Green New Deal

Since its unveiling last week, no Pennsylvania Democratic member of Congress has sought to distance themselves from this socialist dream legislation.

Masked as environmental reforms, the so-called Green New Deal seeks a socialist-driven government-mandated societal transformation by requiring the retrofitting of all buildings buildings within ten years, the elimination of all fossil fuel based transportation (including cars, air travel, etc.),  and a massive tax and borrow plan that has yet to be fully vetted.

In fact, instead of distancing himself from this economy-killing plan, Pennsylvania Congressman Brendan Boyle is one of the co-sponsors of the legislation primarily authored by socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Some estimates put the cost of implementing the vague and amorphous plan at $6.6 trillion per year over ten years, which is almost three times the amount of money the federal government collects in tax revenue.

Instead of moderating and speaking out against this plan, Pennsylvania’s Democrats have remained silent. Even worse, newly announced Democrat nominee for the PA-12 special election Marc Friedenberg has said he’s eager to support the Green New Deal proposal.