PA GOP Chairman’s Update – January 13, 2019

Dear supporters, friends, and those interested in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania:

It’s been an exciting time for me out on the road over the last ten days as I’ve been traveling with our PA GOP team to regional caucus meetings, talking with State Committee members, and spreading the Republican message across Pennsylvania.

This week, I was happy to be in Montgomery, Butler, and Clarion counties for meetings with the PA GOP southeast caucus, southwest caucus, and northwest caucus.

In the span of just the last ten days, I’ve travelled over 1,200 miles and I look forward to traveling thousands more in the coming weeks as our caucus meetings continue, I travel to meet with the Trump campaign next week to continue our ongoing reelection discussions, and travel to the RNC meeting at the end of the month to discuss the status of our Party with Republican leaders from across the country.

As we continue to spread the Republican message and seek to elect Republican judges in 2019, I want to point your attention to a column in the Washington Examiner from this week that highlights our efforts to unite and strengthen our Party this year so we can be a true force in working to keep Pennsylvania for President Trump.

That piece can be read HERE.

We’re working hard at the Republican Party of Pennsylvania to support our President, especially in his push for needed border security.

As I told Philadelphia’s NBC 10: with rampant drug and human trafficking along with thousands of criminals seeking entry into the United States at our southern border, providing true border security is an essential element for the well-being and safety of Americans.

While Democrats have taken numerous votes in support of a border walls and increases security in the past, they continue their streak of obstruction and resistance to this issue because of the President’s leadership. In short, Democrats have once again proved that they hate Donald Trump more than they love America.

I encourage you also to be out in support of the President at this critical juncture. While the mainstream media is constantly on the attack, especially over the issue of border security, the President needs us to talk up his leadership and host of successes.

To help you help us support the President here is an article highlighting nearly 300 accomplishments of the President and his administration. 

Until my next update, feel free to keep up with the latest by checking out the PA GOP website at

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Val DiGiorgio


Republican Party of Pennsylvania