PA GOP Chairman’s Update – January 6, 2019

Dear supporters, friends, and those interested in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania:

Despite the holiday-shortened week, we have a lot to report on from the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, I congratulated our Republican members in the Pennsylvania General Assembly as they were sworn-in for their coming term in office. Our Republican majorities in the state legislature are the first line of defense against Tom Wolf’s quest for increased taxes and job-crushing policies.

On Thursday, I was in Washington, D.C., to support our Republican Congressional delegation as they were sworn-in to office.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Congressman Dan Meuser, Congressman John Joyce, and others as well as local Republican elected officials and other Party leaders who showed their support for our delegation.

Friday, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an Op-Ed I wrote that lays out our message for Pennsylvania. This message is one that adds to many of the achievements already gained through principled Republican leadership and a President that speaks to those long left behind by the political establishment.

The Op-Ed talks about the Republican Party’s path forward to be a true governing party through an agenda that incorporates things like border security and fiscal responsibility, but also leads us to be the true Party of social justice.

I hope you will give it a read.

Friday was also a great day of news for our President in terms of economic growth in the month of December. Numbers reported this week show that December job growth numbers shattered projections with 312,000 new jobs added to the economy with wage growth also increasing. 

According to year-end numbers, also released on Friday, the manufacturing industry in 2018 had the highest annual job gains in 20 years.

These great economic numbers are a product of the President’s great work on the economy–something he does not get enough credit for–and the pro-growth agenda supported by Republicans over the last two years.

Saturday, I was excited to meet with members of the PA GOP’s Central Caucus as they held their meeting in Harrisburg. There, I was able to update their membership on our outlook for 2019 and take their questions about things they’d like to see us work on at headquarters.

The caucus also heard from Commonwealth Court Judges Patti McCullough and Kevin Brobson as well as Superior Court Judge Judith Olson who will be seeking retention in this year’s election. Also presenting themselves for a straw vote before the caucus were candidate for Superior Court: Cumberland County Judge Christylee Peck, Former Montour County District Attorney Rebecca Warren, and former State Rep. Kate Harper from Montgomery County.

Our staff also used the meeting to provide training for local committee members, county chairs, and candidates that will be useful in the coming year and beyond.

Until my next update, feel free to keep up with the latest by checking out the PA GOP website at

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Val DiGiorgio


Republican Party of Pennsylvania